Dating is hard these days, honestly. There are more people in the world than ever and yet it is becoming increasingly hard to find a soulmate for yourself. In this literal ocean of people, every other woman you see, might seem like the one, but she turns out not to be. You have to stop becoming the Ted Mosby of your city, and stop running around trying your best to find the perfect girl for yourself.

I do understand that once you approach a certain age, you need to settle down. It is an instinct in human beings, and not only males. You want to find a good wife for yourself, and a few kids and live out the quiet life in peace. But this isn’t a romantic comedy, and if you’re a man who has crossed thirty, the dating pool has already shrunken quite a bit.  But you do not need to freak out. The right one is out there and you will definitely find her. But here are some dating tips for men, so that you can keep her once you do.

CREATE A LASTING FIRST IMPRESSION:The first thing that you need to do is create a lasting first impression on your girl. If you have just asked her out on a date, make sure whatever you do, it should make an impression on her mind. Don’t overdo it though. Don’t pretend, don’t fret, just do whatever you want to do, but smoothly.

DON’T USE CHEESY PICKUP LINES:Pickup lines are old school. Women know what you’re upon and can even break the syllables in your cheesy pickup lines. They’ve heard them all, over and over again. Plus, they’re corny and doesn’t make a great impact. Just be honest with them, what you think about them, why you like them. You’re a grownup, not a kid anymore, so yes, honesty matters and counts as well.

RESPECT THE WOMAN: One thing woman really appreciate if you respect her. Women find men swooning over them every day, what they miss is respect from those men. It is a rare thing in a man’s world. So show some respect for your lady. Make sure she’s comfortable and make sure you don’t come off as too much. Respect her femininity, respect her sexuality, respect her choice, her lifestyle and who she is. That little respect can go a really long way. Trust me.

SHOW SOME EFFORT:While you’re on a first day, you have to show her some effort. Show her the effort you have put in because you’re interested in her. That effort speaks more than your words can. Dress up decently. Take a shower. Be on time and don’t keep your lady waiting. Put an effort to remember her name and put an effort to listen what she’s actually talking about.

BELIEVE YOU’RE EQUAL AND SHOW IT:The last thing you woman wants on the first day is you trying to dominate her in some way. Women are equal to men, and you need to show it if you believe it. If she wants to split the bill, let her. Believe she is equal and show it, it can really make a difference.


In the end all that matters is you show who you are, open up and be open about who she is. This is all that is needed in the making of a real relationship.

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