6 Tricks to Last Longer in Bed

Even with years of experience, you can still ejaculate faster than you wanted. Unfortunately, it seems almost inevitable, as the male body is programmed to get off pretty quickly. This means that many, or probably all men, should master the art of lasting longer in bed. Thus, they’ll achieve maximum sexual pleasure and fully satisfy their partner.

It’s worth mentioning that premature ejaculation often results in shame and lowers self-esteem, while the woman may feel that her sexual needs are being ignored.

The ideal duration of sex is between 10 and 25 minutes, but 80% of men don’t last that long. Well, the good news is that there are several tricks which can help you to last longer in bed. Here are six of them. 

1. Less penetration, more fun

Although the feeling of penetrating your partner is extremely enjoyable, you need to postpone it in order to extend sex duration. You can try the benefits of erotic massage, foreplay or any other activity that keeps both of you turned on.

2. Pelvic exercises

According to Forbes magazine and the famous actor and director Seymour Butt, one of the best tricks that help you last longer in bed is doing pelvic exercises. These are pretty similar to women’s Kegel exercises. Just research some good how-to instructions and do a set of such exercises four times a day.

3. Prior masturbation

One of the most popular techniques to last longer is masturbating before intercourse. Even porn stars admit doing this two or three hours prior to filming a scene. This way, you can take your time to find out what really turns you on, and, most importantly, manage to delay ejaculation when it’s about to happen.

4. Learn to loosen up while making love

It’s normal to accumulate a lot of sexual tension and arousal throughout the day. Alas, the higher the muscle tension in your body and the more pronounced the effects of sexual arousal in the body, the faster the ejaculation will take place. The solution is to lay back and loosen up, without worrying or thinking of stressful things.

5. Relax your muscles

What you need to do here is to keep a part of your mind conscious, no matter how tense you are and how shallow your breathing is. Each time you feel tense, consciously relax your muscles. Moreover, every time you notice that your breathing is shallow, intentionally slow down and take deep some breaths. These two simple things will allow you to last much longer in bed and delay ejaculation.

6. Develop sensitivity to arousal

Another trick is to develop sensitivity to arousal, so you know how close you are to orgasm. Many men aren’t aware of how turned on they are, to the extent that ejaculation can take them by surprise. Only when you’re aware of your arousal level, in other words, how close you are to ejaculation, you can slow down and delay ejaculation.

These six methods are awesome for lasting longer in bed, having a great time, and making your partner feel special. This way, your intimate life will be better and more fulfilling in no time.