Guide To Give A Good Blowjob

Like women, most men are excited to receive oral sex, and even a high percentage of them only reach orgasm with this practice as comfortable and super de-stressing. These secrets of pons handrail can help you, using your mouth and your hands; you can contact an orgasm like the ones who have always wanted.

Find a comfortable position and never press the head

Not all positions allow you to pass the minute of glory when you are practicing oral sex on your partner. If he is lying down and you are upstairs, you can get tired before if you are sitting or kneeling. Because, if you are sitting at the height of the penis, it enters more naturally in the mouth and you don’t have to make efforts to play with erection.

Our advice on postures always goes with an expression: in the blowjob course, who does it. You choose the rhythm, and you decide how and you decide when. Do not let your boy handle your movements by pressing your head towards his penis. It is uncomfortable, and it can be painful because he does not know the extent of your penis inside of you!

An erect penis can take angles that are not always comfortable at the time of being sucked. Sitting down, you will see that these complications become more bearable.

About the size, it does matter now

A small penis sucks without complications because it enters and slides more quickly through the mouth and hands. A big penis is an effort when practicing blowjob because it can bother us or touch it due to its large circumference inside our cavity.

For this type of penis, it is best to go slowly and concentrate on the most important thing: the tip of the penis. The tongue is our best companion, which can create different sensations in the foreskin, which allows us to play more while we discover everything we can do with this penis on our lips.

Give me a little hand

The hand is vital when it comes to making a good blowjob. If we only suck but forget to masturbate with the hand, it is possible that we divert our penis or have shocks inside the mouth for lack of direction. The one indicated to regulate the operation is the hand of the one who performs the blowjob. It is essential that you do not squash the penis and slide gently down the stem. The speed of the hand also intervenes in the result of a glorious ejaculation.

What we advise couples about how to perform a blowjob is that they ask the man to masturbate in front of them, and that way they can know the speed with which they feel more pleasure. A tip, if you get tired with the right, use the left until you have recovered the one you like to use the most.

Lubricant? Yes, please

Doing a blowjob without lubricant is like lying down for a water-bottle without water. It does not slip, it does not enter, and it can even get irritation in the areas that we are using to give pleasure: the tongue, the inner part of the cheeks, the throat and also the palate. With the lubricant, the whole annoying effect softens and becomes a hundred thousand times more pleasant act. Look for oils that you like, with the flavors and smells that most convince you or, if you do not like artificial aromas, take one without smell or taste. Remember that the gel lubricant is not the same as Vaseline or the moisturizer. For oral sex, you should only use certified oils.

Warm it up with your eyes, unfold!

We must remember that sex is an act of imagination in which every stimulus supposes an answer. And when doing a blowjob, you will realize that every incentive: from having your hot mouth around your penis to a glance. Explore the stimuli that most excite the two: noises, moans, and play with the breasts. Pass your nipples by the tip of your penis and count to ten to see what happens, Irresistible!